About ClairbellaTV

Clarissa Ababan is the girl behind ClairbellaTV, a 23 year old medical student from University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Currently a Medical Intern, working hard in the hospital clocking in more than 100 or more hours a week, she struggles and finds time to create makeup looks, reviews beauty products and share beauty tips on YouTube. She dreams of becoming a cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist and a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist.

"It is always fascinating to meet someone who is free spirited but also committed, artistic but also intellectual, and exceptional but also familiar. Such is the case with Clarissa, a perfect mix of wit, creativity, talent, intellect, and passion. Whoever said that jack of all trades is a master of none clearly never had a chance to know her. She is a remarkable singer, a graceful dancer, a clever student, a thorough worker, an adventurous cook, makeup enthusiast, a loyal friend, among other things.Always never quick to judge, she makes striking a balance between being expressive and, at the same time, being sensitive seemingly easy. Her passion is not limited to Medicine alone, and she is never one to compromise any of her dreams either – she sings for a band, runs her own business, makes her own recipes, create makeup looks, all these while studying medicine. One of her most admirable traits is that she always has the enthusiasm to improve her craft and to pursue her dreams, no matter the circumstances she finds herself in. Her gusto is not limited to fulfilling her ambitions, for it reflects on the friendships she has formed as well – she is a devoted friend, someone who does not give up on people easily."

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