Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eye Candy! EOS V304 in Hazel

I've recently purchased my first colored contact lenses from Dull to Doll! And so far, I'm loving them!

I got the EOS V304 graded contact lenses for 450 pesos. This was pre-ordered so I had to wait for about 6-8 weeks before I got them. :( This is because they're graded that's why they were ordered from Korea. If you have perfect vision, they have lots of on-hand lenses that you can purchase right away.

As you can see I have extremely poor vision! A few more years, maybe I'll be considered as legally blind. Huhu. Life goal added: Get Lasik. 

I got really excited when this came in the mail. I totally ripped open the plastic while in the elevator! It comes in this cute and eco-friendly packaging. 

 It's safely bubble wrapped and comes with a generic lens case. I personally didn't like the free lens case since it came with those grooves. I'm afraid that this could scratch the lenses when getting them out of the case.

This is how the lenses look like. From afar, the details look natural, but when you look up close, you'll notice it's kinda pixelated. But not too pronounced. I like how it doesn't do so much enlargement. I get that circle lenses are all the rage but I actually want to use these as a regular everyday contact lenses.  It wouldn't really look professional if I talk to patients with such big eyes. Haha.

Here's how it looks like with flash. It's noticeable but still looks natural and still goes well with my skintone and hair color. It's pet peeve of mine to see someone with highly unnatural looking. Kinda scares me, honestly. Haha.

This one is how it looks like with no flash and under fluorescent lighting. It looks really really natural, but it definitely lightened my dark brown eyes.

Here are some more shots under glamour lighting with my DIY ring light.

The only thing I dislike about it is how thin the contacts are. Although they're marketed as good for 6 months to a year, as a long term daily contact lens user, these lenses are really thin and could be easily torn. I could compare the thickness of these contacts with a monthly disposable contacts. It could last for a almost a year of you don't use it like 8 hours a day everyday and reserve it for special occasions.

However, these contacts are really soft and goes easy on the eyes. My eyes were initially not used to a slightly bigger contact lenses but I got used to it anyway. I'm planning on getting more of these contacts just to alternate them and not wear this one out.

Do you have recommendations? Share them on the comment section below! :)



  1. I love GEO lenses! You may wanna try their Angel or Nudy lenses. And oh, we have the same grade! I'm blind as a bat, huhu~

  2. I find it too enlarging sis for casual use. I think we're considered legally blind if we're using our naked eyes. Can't even see the biggest E whenever I have my glasses fitted. Haha.

  3. I’m considering using lenses instead of my eye glasses because it’s really a hassle wearing eyeglasses inside a helmet when you’re on a motor bike. LOL!
    ~Pauline @Clarisonic Philippines



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