Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Brush Everyday Face Makeup Routine with the Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush

Hi everyone!!

I'm back to blogging again! I've been super procrastinating this past months and i haven't done any blog post, so expect a barrage of post coming up in a while, since I have nothing to do today during my duty. (I hope it stays that way, ZERO referrals please!!)

So here's a tutorial I've done almost 2 months ago! This is super backlog work, I'm telling you.

If I have to be stranded on a remote island with the choice of bringing a single brush, without a doubt, I would definitely bring my Marionnaud N32 Slanted Blush Brush. Well, provided that I could bring any makeup to that said island. But in more practical ways, if you're traveling and you need to pack light, this brush would definitely in my makeup bag.

What I like about It:

It's very dense. It does not feel flimsy at all.

It's soft and non-scratchy. I could buff the product comfortably on my face.

It's made of synthetic Taklon hair so I could use this for powder, cream and liquid foundation, concealer or blush. Very versatile indeed!

It is short handled. It could easily fit in any compact makeup bag or purse. I also love short handled brushes since I'm very near-sighted and I tend to really be close to the mirror.

It's cheap at 169.75 Pesos ONLY!!

The only thing that I somewhat didn;t like about this brush is that it really takes a while for it to dry up. And that I only have one of this. I think I'll buy a backup soon!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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