Monday, April 23, 2012

Beauty How To: Spot Cleaning and Sanitizing Brushes Super Quick and Easy

Hi everyone!

I am guilty of being too lazy to wash my brushes sometimes. Ever since I've discovered this technique I never made another excuse not to clean my brushes before using them. I've broken out a lot ever since I've started filming, because sometimes, I forget to clean my brushes. Not cleaning your brushes is just basically asking for acne. So it is extremely important to clean them. 

I am a bit impatient when I wait for the brushes to dry. I usually have to leave them overnight to dry, and I hate the thought of leaving my moist brushes out in the open to dry. Bacteria loves moist environments so I do not find comfort in that. I am still saving up to buy some brush guards in the future. I keep forgetting to buy them. 

For those who are worried if the alcohol will dry out your brushes, i won't. It would still feel as soft as before. But, I recommend using this technique IN BETWEEN regular washing. It is a spot cleaning technique. It would still be beneficial to wash your brushes with liquid soap and condition it with some olive oil.

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