Friday, January 13, 2012

Skincare DIY: Green Tea Eye Pads

Ciao, bellas!

Today I'm going to share a simple skincare DIY that uses green tea to help us fight off eye bags and dark circles.

We all have heard that lack of sleep and rest is one of the major causes of dark circles and eye bags. A lot of other factors contribute such as:

-Accumulated blood flow to the undereye areas
This is due to blockage of drainage areas through the lymphatic drainage. Notice when you have colds or allergies you get puffy eyes. This is because the excess mucus blocks the sinuses, where the excess fluids in the blood will be draining into. This will make the fluid accumulate and swells the skin up with fluid.

-Excess fluids or eye edema
The fluids in our body tend accumulate in the eye and face area when lying down, thus having a puffy face in the morning when you wake up.

-Weakened ligaments around the eye socket
As we grow older, our body's ability to synthesize collagen and other essential extracellular matrix decreases. This is the reason why as we grow old, we tend to get more eyebag problems

When the ligaments around the eye socket becomes really weakened, it will be hard for the body to repair it. Even if we ingest a lot of collagen supplements, it would only be broken down in our stomach and won't reach our eyes at all. Topical collagen will not work as effectively either. The only cure would be going under the knife, a procedure called blepharoplasty.

So, after saying all these, one of the oldest sayings will be our best weapon against eyebags. Prevention is always always better than cure. Anti-aging products are all around the market, however, these products always come at a steep price. When you're still at school and relying on your school allowance, buying expensive anti-aging products would break the bank. I would rather buy some good food than spend too much on these stuff. (I know, i should invest on anti-aging skin care, I promise I'll do that when I'm earning my own money!)

I've been taking care of these growing slightly eyebags of mine and realized it's time to make an intervention! I've used tea bags during high school to fight off eyebags and dark circles. Nowadays, i found it too bothersome to prepare a bag every day because of a hectic schedule and I try not to drink caffeinated drinks everyday. So, I made a little twist to my old habit and made it more convenient for the rest of us who do not have time to steep tea every day! (Whatta long intro!)

Green Tea Eye Pads

What you'll need:
2 Green tea bags
Mug (or anything that can hold hot water)
1/2 cup hot water (more or less)
Cotton pads

1. Place 2 tea bags in your mug.

2. Pour hot water and let the tea steep for about to 10-15 minutes. Let it cool for a while.

3. Dip your cotton pads into the tea. Squeeze out excess and place it on a container and freeze. Make sure you don't stack the cotton pad together or else you won't be able to separate them. Maybe you can put some plastic sheets inbetween the pads if you will need to stack them.

Get two pads from your container and let it thaw for a while, so that it won't be too cold for your eyes. Gently massage the pad into your eyes and let the pad sit for 10 minutes.

What makes this effective:
Tea has caffeine. Caffeine has been known to constrict blood vessels. Check out the Garnier undereye roll-ons, its major ingredient is caffeine.
Tea also contains tannins that also help constrict blood vessels, thus decreasing the blood flow, darkness and puffiness
The eye pad is cold. Cold lessens inflammation and swelling. It's the same principle when you put an ice compress on your sprain to prevent swelling. Although you wouldn't really want to use ice since it would be very cold and harsh for the skin around your eyes.

I hope this post was helpful! Thanks for reading. :)


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