Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to: Cleaning and Drying Brushes

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Taking care of your make-up brushes is important. It is a must to clean your brushes regularly. It is advisable to clean your brushes after using them since the combined makeup particles, oils from the product and skin will harbor bacteria. If we use unwashed brushes, we just put gunk back into our faces after cleaning it. A big no-no.

I admit, I still need to work on this more. I've been guilty of using dirty brushes several times. This year, I plan to make regular brush cleaning a habit! Wish me luck.

If you have a brush cleaner or shampoo you can use them to clean your brushes. But if you don't have those, there's no reason not to clean your brushes since you can use what's readily available in most homes.

You can use any dishwashing liquid to clean your brushes. However, using it alone will be too harsh for the hairs of your brushes, especially if they're made up of natural hairs. Adding a bit of olive oil will provide enough conditioning to the bristles. If you don't have olive oil around, you can use a mild shampoo instead to clean your brushes. You can also use baby liquid soap since these are very mild. If you really are pressed for time, you can use some wet wipes for in between use of your brushes.

It is very important that you do not let the water reach the ferrule (the metal thing that holds the hairs together) since this will weaken the glue that keeps the hair from shedding. That said, it is a no-no to dry your brushes with the hair up. It is also inadvisable to let it dry on its side since the water may still loiter around the ferrule area. Oh, also never let the brush dry with a towel underneath since moisture will stay there and will harbor bacterial growth. The ideal brush positioning will be with the hairs down. This may be tricky since this may deform the brush shapes while drying and you can't hold on to your brush for a long time until it dries. Some people use a brush guard that allows the brush to stand on the hair end but still allowing it to dry. Or you can do this simple trick of mine.

All you need is tape!

Find anything with a hanging edge. Get some tape, ideally masking tape since it will not leave a sticky residue in the brush handle and your furniture. Place the brush on the tape, let the tape surround about three-fourths of the brush and stick the rest of the tape on the table edge. And that's it!

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading.


NEVER blow dry your brushes. I once made an impatient mistake of doing such in my younger days and made a brush shed its hair like crazy. Haha.

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