Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haul: Palladio and eyeslipsface

Ciao, bellas!

Hi, everyone! Yesterday, I had a trip to the mall after having my measurements taken for my first white doctor's coat! The coats were wayyyyy too expensive, IMHO. They cost 1300 each!

Anyway, I was just initially window shopping to kill time while waiting for my boyfriend to finish his lecture to his masters class. There were on sale items at the BeautyBar that yesterday and it was very fortunate to chance upon this Palladio foundation.
Palladio Natural Finish Oil-free Herbal Foundation in Light Beige for 218.75 PHP at BeautyBar Robinson's Place Manila Adriatico Wing
I got this 26mL bottle for only 218.75! It was originally priced at 625, but it was the only shade left thus the significant markdown. I was very lucky that the foundation matched my skin so well, i didn't hesitate to get this foundation since i was trying to expand my experience with using different foundations lately.

What i didn't like about this foundation is that it has no applicator of any sort. :(

The packaging was a big boo for me. Although if I will like the formula of this foundation, there is a version that's in tube bottles for easier access to the product. I will make a full review of this product after a week or so of testing it, so stay tuned!

Next on my list is this baby!

eyeslipsface Studio Powder Brush for 249.75 PHP at Robinson's Place Manila Department Store

I have been wanting to buy this brush for a really long time already. I used it to try the Palladio foundation I just bought and my old foundations. I have always apply my foundation using my fingers since I really didn't like using the Marionnaud foundation brush that I have.
On first use, There was a remarkable difference! Whenever I apply using my fingers, my face would always appear so made-up, but with the brush, it provided a natural looking finish. It deposits enough product to my face and does not look streaky at all.

The brush is also so soft, fluffy and non-scratchy. I like it that the brush is big since it makes applying the foundation faster. What i don't like is that the handle is too long for me, since I have a very poor eyesight (-5.0 on both eyes!) and I tend to lean closer to the mirror whenever I'm applying makeup.

I also tried it with my Aido Cream Powder, elf bronzer and blush and I love how it applies just enough product! It looks very natural. Another plus is that it dries very quick for a synthetic brush. It's relatively affordable for a very good brush at 250 pesos at the mall. I super love this! Maybe I'll repurchase a couple of these baby when I get e.l.f. products from the States again.

Stay tuned for the full reviews of the products above! Thanks for reading!


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