Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Remington Confidence Body Curve Epilator

Ciao, bellas!
After soooo much toxicity and work done during my last rotation at Internal Medicine, I am finally free! Three cheers for benignity. Woo-hoo. And to reward myself for that month-long hardwork, I bought an epilator. I really wanted to try out an epilator for sooo long already since I'm not a fan of shaving my legs, and regular waxing tends to cost a lot of money, eventually. I initially wanted to order it online from the states, but when i realized that there might be a voltage problem, I started to push the idea to the back of my mind.
But luck found me when I saw epilators being sold at right here at Robinson's Manila! So yay's for that! I initially wanted the Braun one, but they only have one device left, and i think that the epilator was already used since bits of hair were in the epilator head, so eww. I got this Remington one instead. I got this for about 4500 at Robinson's Place Manila

Here's the product description I got from the net:

This is brand new epilator from Remington which is suitable for all general body areas on women, e.g. the legs, bikini line and underarms, leaving you hair free for 4-6 weeks. The epilator has a unique curved shape, making it perfect for female body hair removal. Epilators are very popular with women who are looking to easy, quick hair removal by the root. There is some pain / discomfort involved when first epilating as hair is being removed from the root. With repeated use and practice, the discomfort decreases. This particular model also contains massage plugs which massage the skin while epilating, thus reducing the pain. A fantastic value, stylish epilator with a generous 2 year manufacturer´s warranty.

Product Features
  • Cord operated
  • 16 tweezers removes hair quickly and effectively
  • Curved tweezer barrel mirrors the form of the body
  • Hair guides to ensure hair is removed from the root, minimises pain and increases effectiveness
  • Massaging skin stretchers reduce pain
  • 2 speeds with slower option for sensitive areas
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stylish storage bag
  • Protection cap
I tried it about three times now. Since I was used to waxing my leg, it didn't hurt too much. It was actually better than what i feel during waxing, since only i go over small areas at a time, compared to waxing a strip of skin. The "massage fingers" feature does not work at all. I don't think it contributes much to lessening the pain, since it barely touches my skin when i use it. The pain was tolerable, so it's okay.
I didn't really like using it for my underarms. It does not grip the hair well and it hurts a lot after. Considering I'm used to underarm waxing and plucking, it feels terrible. Maybe I'm using a bad technique that's why it hurts a lot. However, it does get the job done. Although it may leave 3-7 bits of hair that you may need to tweeze out. But then again, maybe it's just my technique. I'll make another post about it's performance after a month or so, when I master the art of epilating.
It's a bit scary to use at first, since it makes a loud whirring sound when you turn it on. But once you've tried using it, it does not bother me anymore. It's nice if you use it after a long warm bath, so your pores opens up, so that the hair can be pulled out easily. It is also a must to exfoliate by using a body scrub or loofa before and after 24 hours of epilating. This is to prevent ingrown hairs.
The skin will appear red and a bit blotchy. This will disappear after 8 hours or so. It is very recommended to epilate during nighttime, so the redness can disappear overnight. You can apply aloe vera gel or any mild post-epilating cream to soothe your skin.
Have you tried epilators?
Do you have a technique that makes it less painful? Especially on the underarms?
Drop a comment below! :)


  1. I feel kinda scared of waxing and epilators (though I've never tried either) since I have a low threshold for pain. Haha.

  2. You can try taking mefenamic acid or ibuprofen prior to waxing or epilating to lessen the pain. :)

  3. The redness disappears after 8 hours? Hmmm...guess you'll have to schedule the usage so the marks would be long gone before you leave the house. =)

  4. More or less. For me it disappears in 4-5 hours. It's best to use it before you sleep. :)

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  6. hi, where did you get this and how much is it?

  7. I got this for about 4500 at Robinson's Place Manila



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