Monday, July 4, 2011

REVIEW: Kokuryu Summer Cake in Orange Blush

Ciao, bellas!

Kokuryu Summer Cake in Orange Blush has been all the rage in Girltalk lately. I've decided to try it since it's only less than a hundred. The smaller pan only costs 88 pesos, I think.

Kokuryu Summer Cake in Orange Blush

I got my pan about two weeks ago but i wasn't able to try it immediately it since I do not have a sponge with me. I tried using a brush to apply it. Alas, it does not work. The product's water activated so a sponge is a must.
Here, I used a sponge from Nichido which I got for 40 pesos. I used an atomizer to spritz some water to the sponge. :)

Here's what I look like before and after using the product:
My skin has been really stressed lately. I'm still not used to being awake for amlost 36 hours during my hospital duty. :( I'm getting tiny bumps of my forehead. I hope they stay tiny. Haha. In a week's time, i'll be shifting in to one of the most stressful departments: Internal Medicine! Wish me lots of luck!

Anyway, back to the foundation review...

The Good:
  • It has a heavy coverage, as my blemishes disappeared. :)
  • It makes your pores disappear!
  • It has a smooth velvety finish.
  • It has no amoy-lola smell.
  • Affordable!
The Bad:
  • The shade is too white on me, especially on flash photography. It looks nice on natural lighting though. I just wouldn't recommend it on a night out when you get flashed-photographed a lot.
  • No SPF :(
  • Requires more effort in applying. You can't rush on this product because it might appear streaky.
  • According to most users, it may clog your pores so everyday use is discouraged.
Will I repurchase?
Maybe, but i'll try another shade. I heard the shade Jade is a good tone corrector for redness. I might try that one.

Have you tried this foundation? Did it work for you? :)

Love lots,


  1. hi! im planning to try that make-up kaso natatakot ako baka mag-breakout ako di ba nakaka-pimples?? balitaan mo ko kung maganda ahh ??

  2. Hi, so far I've used it like 3 times palang. No breakouts from it yet. Just make sure you wash your face thoroughly after you use it. :)

  3. I've never tried this particular product before, but I'll definitely try to remember your pros and cons to this. Hope you can do a post on the other color jade you mentioned! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  4. Hi! followed your blog :) nice blog u have here.. hope you'll follow back too;) btw, I have an ongoing giveaway contest. Get a chance to win a Limited Edition Etude House Pouch and other Korean Beauty Products. Feel free to join! :D

  5. I got mine at the Kokuryu stall in SM Megamall Department Store. :)

  6. kokuryu summer cake is wonderful, my mom use this every time she goes out,and now from his old ages still look young and pretty no more sign of damaged in this product,,and now i also use this because for me its perfect!!!

  7. can i ask where i can buy one?

  8. i also use it before and didnt give me a pimple mark even once.just wash ur face after the day and have some moisturizer before sleeping because it dehydrate my face a little bit.. you can buy this at hbc(but selected branch) also at sm dept. store at kokuryu booth stand(in cosmetics area).

  9. hi,
    i just tried this product & it made my skin dry & rough. maybe it depends on the skin type. some say u need to put moisturizer first before applying it. not so sure if am gonna use it again. :)

  10. I used it for a party and check out how I looked. :)

    xx, K <3

  11. yes, i've been using this product for a lightens my skin and gives a smooth matte can see the real effect after a couple of stays on face as if its a natural skin tone perse..

  12. hi! i used this once or twice during our school activity (year 1999) and it did good unto my face :) oh by the way, i have a very oily skin :)

    i hope you could visit my blog too

    stay happy ÜÜÜ

  13. how to order in bulk?pls guide

  14. i actually use orange blush and it made my face a bit lighter when hit by the flash of the cam.though it really looks great on natural lighting,,,.. i think i need to have another shades to try out... im buying one tomorrow...

  15. this is beautiful. local makeup artists like me use this for heavy coverage, especially during pageants :)

  16. Are you supposed to use the sponge from kokuryu? Cause i used this with a regular wedge sponge i picked up from forever 21 counter and im having a hard time applying it to my face. I did dampen the sponge ofcourse but i think that its different to the one from kokuryu..? Im not sure pls help. And the shade orange blush leaves a white cast on my face but oxidizes (i think) after some time do you think i should get olive rose instead? Im an nc25 sometimes nc30 type of skin tone..

  17. I really love kokuryu, i used the shade jade first then orange blush. super ganda and super kinis. The only problem is im having a hard time for touch ups kasi super effort yung pagapply nito ;)
    may mairecommend ka bang long lasting pressed powder?

  18. a dermatologist recommended this product to a friend having pimples on her face,got her luck,it made a good effect on her face..

  19. is it good po ba sa oily skin? - nen

  20. I love this product! It gives a smooth and buildable coverage (light to full). I used it for like a week and thank GOD I never had any skin irritations. It's so forgiving even if you pack it doesn't feel too heavy on skin. Just make sure to always use clean, sanitized sponges to avoid breakouts or whiteheads. :)

  21. Aside from Orange Blush what are other shades available? I’m looking forward to try this foundation brand. :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony



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