Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Ellana Minerals Retractable Brush

Ciao, bellas!

I've been wanting to try products from Ellana. Yesterday, I bought a Perfect Blend Foundation in Hazelnut Latte and a Retractable Brush. I'll write more about the foundation soon, because I'm still test-driving it. :)

Perfect Blend in Hazelnut Latte and Retractable Brush

I'll be raving about the brush today. I was initially torn between the Baby Kabuki brush (300 PHP)or the Mini Flat Top brush (400PHP) because I'm such a stingy consumer. When I inquired for the price of the Retractable Brush, she said that it's 500. I was first turned down by it's price, but she got me when she said the word multi-purpose.

The brush

The brush has a 2 inch handle, which is a great size for me. I'm very myopic (nearsighted) and I find it really easier to use short handled brush, since i can really stay close to the mirror.
The brush head is moderately dense and is made up of nylon, so it's animal friendly too. The bristles are super soft! I love brushing it on my face, and it's not scratchy at all. It comes in a metallic retractable container. The brush does not shed or bleed. It a quality brush. And did i mention it's super soft, too? :)

Now comes the fun part. Remember when the SA told me that it's multi-purpose? Here's brush configuration #1:

Config #1

Just pull the retractable metal slider thingy all the way down. This is wonderful for blushes and finishing powders. If you really want a light coverage foundation, you can also use this.

For config #2, slide the metal slider upwards, just reaching halfway of the brush and viola!

Config #2

You get a baby kabuki brush! It's denser and it's great for buffing your mineral foundation, or if you want more coverage for your regular powder foundation. It's also great for contouring! I haven't tried it in applying liquid foundation, but since it has synthetic bristles i might as well give it a shot.

For config #3, slide the metal slider until almost the tip to get a denser brush.

Config #3

This is great for applying mineral concealer for the undereyes or to blemishes. It packs on products better since it's denser, thus better coverage. You can also use this to highlight your cheekbones, browbone or your nose bridge.

Three face brushes for just 500?? Dirt cheap! I'm gonna love this brush for years.

What other multi-purpose products do you love? Share some of your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading!


PS. On second thought, retractable brushes aren't entirely new! Haha. Try it with your old retractable brush too. I bet you can make yours multi-purpose as well.


  1. oh my! i am planning to buy a brush from ellana and you solved my problem! now i know what to buy. thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Thanks for reading dear! Glad i was able to help out. :)

  3. I love ellena products too. one of my faves!
    BTW, nice blog. I followed you :)

    Kat -

  4. Thanks, dear! I'm still a newbie with blogging. I hope I can maintain it once school starts!

  5. ISSA?!? OMG it's you!!!!

    I have this as well and STILL loving it for 2 years now. Ecotools retractable brush is a thicker version of this if you want heavier coverage for foundies ^_^

  6. Hi ate au! :) I also find it a bit thin. But it's ok since I don't do heavy coverage often. Pag may special events lang. Hehe. Lagi ko siyang dala everywhere everyday. Para mukhang fresh pa rin kahit post-duty. :)



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