Friday, April 22, 2011

Fabulous U-shaped Hair Grips!

Ciao, bellas!

Sometime during the first week of April when I was contemplating on how I will do my hair during our brother fraternity's induction ball. I was in Watson's, my favorite shop and found this little fella:

This is what a single hair pin looks like.

You get 40 pcs of these in a pack for less than 50 Pesos!

It's a pretty huge pin. :)

I actually forgot the actual name and price of these pins. It's Watson's own product line so you won't miss it, and 40 pcs of pins cost less than 50 pesos! U-shaped pins are great for securing hair loosely for a romantic soft look and for securing a bun, chignon or a french twist in place. You can check out youtube hair updos for looks that requires U-shaped pins.

What I love about them:
-It's huge! You'll only need 4 to 5 of them for an updo.
-It's cheap.
-It doesn't get easily ruined like ordinary hairpins. If the pins get deformed too much, you can easily push them back to a perfect shape.
-It doesn't seem to rust. I love the finish. It's smooth metal, without annoying paint or plastic.

What I wish it could have been:
-I wish it comes in black. :( Sometimes, you'll see it peep through my black hair.
-Other than that, I am perfectly happy with this find! :)

Here's a quick updo that I did. I have an almost bust-length hair and i only used 5 of these pins. It's a french twist, but I did it pretty loosely for a casual look. You'll see some of the pins sticking out though. That's why i really wish it is black. You can make it more tighter and add some back-combing at the crown for a more volume and more glamor. Spritz lots of hairspray and this look is good for prom, weddings, graduation or any special events. It's very easy! It just took me 10 minutes or so for this updo. I'll make a step by step tutorial for this look soon.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to leave your feedbacks please. :) I love them.

Lotsa love,

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